Wheels to Prosper at Fuerst Automotive

$1 buys a Car A car for a deserving Northeast Ohio individual or family for just $1. There Is NO CATCH!

Wheels To Prosper

Imagine life without a car or a reliable source of transportation. In today's world this means much more than mere inconvenience. Often one's survival depends upon access to a vehicle, whether it is getting to work, taking the kids to school, making it to a job interview, or simply picking up food for the family. The lack of adequate transportation creates hardships and real disadvantages for those who are already struggling.

Fuerst Automotive, located at the corner of Broadview and Wallings Rd in Broadview Heights, joined in on a nationwide program that was launched in 2011 called "Wheels to Prosper". This program awards a deserving individual who needs help but is still always thinking of others. A fully inspected, fully repaired car is donated to the individual, helping that person get back on his or her feet again. June 16th 2018, Fuerst Automotive delivered a car to such a person, Erica Kay Kesselring.

Erica was nominated by co-worker/friend, Nancy Prosser of Broadview Heights. During the month of April Fuerst Automotive started accepting nominations to find this deserving person. Fuerst Automotive chose three independent non-bias judges. Two of the judges were each given a folder each containing the same nominations. Each judge would have to chose one deserving person. Then the third judge would make the final decision between the two. Erica is a single mother of 5 children. She supports her children in all aspects, attending all sporting and music concert events. Erica participates in various fundraisers for these different events. Erica is attending medical school while holding down two part time jobs. Erica has been without reliable transportation for most of her mothering years. Erica has always maintained a very positive attitude and high personal goals for her and her children. One such goal is to be able to purchase a home on her own for her and the children.

Bob and Sheri Stout, owners of Fuerst Automotive, would like to recognize their co-sponsors who had a big part in making this a very special program happen. Their involvement shows how working together in a community can strengthen the bond of its residents.

Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (Auto Tech and Auto Body); Jerry Gonda and Joe Lamitrice (Career and Technical School Foundation); Ryan and Mica Lange (Allstate insurance/Lange insurance agency)

A special thank you also to the three judges, Resident Jim Speno, Robert Burris, and Mary Walter.

Wheels To Prosper 2018 Winner