The First & Last Word on Fuerst Automotive

Fuerst Automotive was started in 1968 as a one-man, family-owned auto repair shop serving Broadview Heights. Our family purchased the shop with the goal of building our own business and continuing to provide a valuable service to the community. The best thing about purchasing and owning our own shop is that we can treat people the way we would want to be treated. We also offer our customers over 100 years of combined experience. That is something you can't replicate or replace.

Fuerst Automotive Auto Repair Shop
Fuerst Automotive Auto Repair Shop
Fuerst Automotive Auto Repair Shop

From the Owner, Bob Stout

"I started working on cars at the age of 15, and currently I am 54 years of age. During high school, I attended Polaris vocational school in my junior and senior years for auto tech. Before graduating, I went on early job placement at a large family-owned Goodyear tire dealer. At that time they ran 18 shops and currently have 39. When I became 18 years of age, they made me a service manager, and I ran a six bay shop.

"I ran that shop for six years, and then my wife, Sheri, and I decided to start our own business. In 1986-1987, we purchased Fuerst Automotive, an already existing automotive repair business, and rented a 1,800 square feet facility, roughly two bays side-by-side. As our business grew, we added a third lift to better accommodate our customers, but we were running out of room!

"One afternoon, I was looking out our front window when I noticed the auto repair shop across the street from us had a ‘going out of business’ sign placed in the window. I immediately grabbed the phone, called my wife, and said this is our chance. I called the owner of the property and made the necessary arrangements. We signed a 5 year lease with option to buy. In 1998, we purchased our building."

Fuerst Automotive Team

Meet Our Auto Repair Team

Bob Stout – Owner & Certified Master Technician

Bob Stout

Bob and his wife, Sheri, purchased Fuerst Automotive in 1987 from the previous owner. Since then, he has grown the business from a two-bay shop to a five-bay shop, having to relocate to accommodate our growing customer base and the need for expansion. Bob’s priority has always been taking excellent care of his customers through honesty and integrity, and he loves to lend an ear and take the time to chat. He has seen three generations of customers over the length of his time in the automotive repair industry.

Bob has extensive technical training in all makes and models, including Hybrid vehicles, and he continues training in the automotive repair industry to keep up with current technology. On a personal level, he is always eager to help others and has done so in the past by making time for the Rotary Club, the local food bank, Broadview Heights Community Foundation, North Royalton City Schools’ business advisory council, and Tri-C auto tech advisory council. Bob has also been on the advisory council for AC Delco and Jasper Engines, sharing advice and ideas to help create and good working relationship between the big corporations and small business owners.

Sheri Stout – Owner & Bookkeeper

Sheri Stout

Sheri has been taking care of the shop’s bookwork at home, giving her the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom to three children. Today, she is often seen at the shop lending a woman’s touch to the automotive repair business atmosphere, such as decorating for the holidays, which she especially enjoys. Sheri is always there to support Bob, while becoming involved in community events and business adventures.

Matt Wirkus – Master Certified Technician

Matt Wirkus

Matt has been our lead technician since August of 2001. He is always the first to arrive at work, ready, willing, and able to start off his day. (Matt can do circles around even the youngest mechanics in the shop!) While very knowledgeable on all vehicle makes and models, his true passion is working on General Motors cars and trucks. In fact, he won a national competition for completing the most online training courses through AC Delco/General Motors.

Rick Sunderman – Service Manager

Rick Sunderman

Rick has been a service writer at Fuerst Automotive since September of 2004. He is friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable, and eager to build strong customer relationships. With several ASE certifications proving his knowledge in the automotive industry, Rick not only takes care of the customers over the phone or as they walk through the door, he also keeps the shop running smoothly and efficiently throughout the course of the day.

Mitch Stout – Service Advisor

Mitch Stout

Mitch is the son of Bob and Sheri Stout, owners of Fuerst Automotive, and has been with us full-time since graduating high school in 2013. When Mitch was little, he always hung around his dad at the shop. He started working part-time around the age of 13, cleaning floors, emptying trash, and even helping out with oil changes. Mitch’s liking of the auto repair trade led him to take two years of vocational school, and presently, he is taking training courses to prepare for his ASE certifications. Mitch is also enrolled in Management Training to further his education in hopes of owning the business one day.

Cory Houlahan – Technician

Cory Houlahan

Cory came to Fuerst Automotive in 2013 by reference of Mitch Stout. The two had both taken vocational classes together at the high school career center. Cory is moving forward with his career training and is enrolled in several online courses to complete his ASE certifications. He has proven to be a loyal employee and is dedicated to customer service.

Sara Neff – Service Advisor

Sara Neff

Sara has been with Fuerst Automotive since the summer of 2016. Sara was hired after graduation from Cuyahoga Community College, where she obtained an Associate of Applied Science Degree. In her free time, Sara enjoys cooking and servicing her own vehicle. Through continuous training, Sara hopes to one day lead the service department.

Marty Trimmer – Master Certified Technician

Marty Trimmer

Marty is a graduate of Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. Marty began his career working at a local GM dealership at the age of 19 where he worked for fourteen years. He is Master Certifie and is now happy working in a family owned business. In his free time, Marty enjoys drag racing, bartending and most importantly, spending time with his daughter.